Art Loving Interns: Join the Artsicle Team!

Do you love art, artists, wine, craft beer, bad jazz?  Disrupting one of the oldest markets out there (2nd oldest maybe)?  Building awesome products your friends will be jealous of and want to use? If so, we need to talk.

Who is Artsicle? We’re a small team working out of Dogpatch Labs (NY) and dedicated to shaking up who buys art and how they find it. Our new site launched recently and has taken off.  We’re ready to grow and are looking for the right people to grow with us.

What’s in it for you?  An opportunity to learn about the intersection of art and tech first hand, build something world changing, exposure to tons of other startups, mentors, investors – and to have a ton of fun in the meantime. 

How does this work? First we meet you and like you. We’re looking to build a team we all enjoy hanging out with. Join us in the office (read: free snacks), work remotely, or do a bit of both. We’ll make it work.

And hey, if we all get along we might just ask you to stick around fulltime.

Check out the descriptions below and shoot us a note if one catches your eye. Tell us why you’re the guy or gal for us, why you’re excited about Artsicle, and generally why you rock. Email

Artist Community Manager & Curator

Passionate about art and have an eye for great talent? Meet tons of emerging artists, curate kick ass pop-up shows, and help new collectors fall in love with art…

  1. Recruit & screen new artist applicants
  2. Make studio visits to meet artists in person, & sign on the best of the best
  3. Curate pop-up shows & corporate spaces across NYC
  4. Represent Artsicle to the community & find new partnership opportunities
  5. Curatorial, art history, MFA experience a plus here

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Want to help develop a brand without any BS corporate rules? Social media maven/ninja with vision? With us you can…

  1. Own, manage, & write for Artsicle’s “collecting art” blog
  2. Start conversations with customers on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you think we should be (Perk: having read @GaryVee’s Thank You Economy)
  3. Maintain a fun, authentic voice for yourself & the Artsicle brand
  4. Bring your vision for our social strategy & work with the dev team to make it happen
  5. Get your hands dirty in event planning, schwag creating, and other real life stuff

Operations & Business Development

Do you think big picture, with an eye for the details? Help develop our world domination plans from the bottom up….

  1. Research & develop partnerships to expand our brand & physical reach
  2. Think “outside the box” – literally – on packaging & branding ideas
  3. Be a key player in our customer & artist relationship building
  4. Experience with shipping, warehousing, etc. a plus

Designer / Front End Developer

You play with Illustrator in your sleep, touching up details like nobody’s business, and execute them in CSS with ease. And you know exactly what your kind of art collecting site would look like….

  1. Design any & all aspects of the Artsicle site, make it spiffy
  2. Constant improvement of the customer experience until its flawless – become our UI/UX lead
  3. HTML, CSS, or jQuery skills a huge plus.
  4. Excitement to learn more web development also a win

Back end Developer

Sleep coding is both a blessing and a disease – we know, we’ve been there.  We’re doing work in the following areas see if any of it sparks your fancy…

  1. Get your hands dirty in Ruby on Rails to help develop the next version of our site.
  2. Excited about the social/interest/taste graphs? Own Artsicle’s recommendation engine to make discovering art fun
  3. Passion for mobile development & APIs? Make our app your own.
  4. Require CS, CE, IS, other relevant degree, or demonstrated programming experience
  5. Experience with a dynamic language, preferably ruby or javascript, but python or ActionScript knowledge will suffice
  6. Any experience with Spree, AWS, or Ecommerce is a plus.